Clitheroe Ramblers

Working for Walkers

Getting Involved

If you just want to join us on any of our walks, that's great and we look forward to welcoming you.  If you wish to take a more active part in the work of Clitheroe Ramblers, there are many different options. 

If you have a favourite local walk which you would like to share, then you could offer to lead this.  The next year's walk programme is compiled during August and September.

If you enjoy social events, the social committee members would be glad of your help with arranging these. Ideas for new events are always welcome.

Our team of Footpath Officers check local paths for problems.  Each Officer covers particular parishes, and even if you could only manage one or two parishes, this is a great help.

If you like practical activities, you may wish to get involved with the footpath maintenance work.

And finally, vacancies on the committee arise from time to time, and volunteers for these posts will be needed.